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     World Record LT1 rwhp  

'95 383 LT1 6 spd, Hyd cam, Factory intake, opti, pump gas, N/A

This customer came to Speed Engineering looking for the most power he could get out of his street driven LT1.  He said "build it as if it were yours".  We started with a 383 LT1 rotating assembly, added a set of Speed Engineering Ported AFR 23* heads and one of our custom ground Hyd roller cams.  We then finished it with a variety of bolt ons and our Dyno Tuning.  His car put down 484.6 RWHP and 462.1 RWTQ, with a naturally aspirated stock appearing LT1.  This is the most powerful LT1 in the world in the "daily driver" category and we did it with no sheetmetal intake, no solid roller cam, no high port heads, no race components, no coil per cylinder conversion...  Just a lot of Speed Engineering.  Call us today to order your world record setting LT1 engine.

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