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This section is dedicated to the many different magazines that have featured articles about Speed Engineering and/or service(s) provided by Jeff Nance, owner, Engineer, Master Tech, and custom tuner of many vehicles. Jeff has broken world records using his knowledge and skill in this trade. There are not many people, let alone companies that can perform the tasks that are accomplished daily by Jeff Nance, he in my opinion, is a highly sought after asset to the automotive world.


This article is featured in Chevy Rumble magazine  January '08

one of the pictures from the magazine article

My favorite color of blue for the C2 goes great with the black interior

The B&M supercharged small block 355 chevy
The Editor and photographer from Chevy Rumble magazine just across the river in Dayton Tn Reah county

I love this Corvette steering wheel and the 4 speed shifter in this classic vette.

these cars always look great from the rear 3/4 view
a still shot taken from the dyno video and used as the lead photo in the magazine feature

We built an engine on a low-budget theme, figuring this approach might appeal to many readers, and if that’s not enough of a catch, consider that we even had money left over for a small, used supercharger. Bolting the engine to a dyno would have been an ideal method of testing for comparative horsepower and torque, but that’s not entirely feasible for everyone, so our solution was a little more pedestrian, and within the means of most everyone—we used a chassis dyno. After the engine assembly, installation and break-in, we dyno-tested our Corvette at Speed Engineering in Decatur, Tennessee. The results were somewhat disappointing, but no tuning was performed. Maximum horsepower was 294 at 5,100 rpm, and torque was 330 lb-ft at just over 4,000 rpm. This is final drive power at the wheels, so after figuring in a 15 percent drive-train loss, we estimate engine output at the crankshaft to be 345 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. We would have expected this without the blower, in naturally aspirated form! Either way, the engine is not producing over the expected 400 hp, so for now we have what you might call the anti-dyno queen, but we still enjoy driving it—it just needs a bit more tweaking on the combination.  No doubt building an engine is a great experience, and every car guy should try it at least once, however, it can prove that making horsepower at home is easier said than done.

Read the full story here

Vette Magazine
Glass Menagerie


Grand Sport with polished wheels


  Grand Sport with Flowmasters  


100 Corvette Shops You Can Trust 2006 Edition - Corvette Fever Magazine
Our annual list of the best 100 Corvette shops for the repair, sales, and buying of Corvettes

This month, we present you with our annual list of Corvette shops you can trust. But as always, it isn't really our list--it's yours. We have compiled your recommendations over the last year into a directory we hope you'll refer to again and again. This newly updated directory will also be posted on our Web site, for easy referencing the near future.

Since we published our first list of your favorite Corvette shops, your recommendations have continued to come in. These Corvette businesses range from full-blown restoration shops to places you can go to for routine maintenance. Unfortunately, some shops have gone out of businesses we can't locate them, so the list has changed some since last year.

As in the past, this directory will continue to be a work in progress. Send your suggestions anytime to corvette fever. .Please include your name and location, as well as the name, address, phone number, and owner's name of the shop you recommend. Tell us why the shop deserves to be on the list for next year. Tell us problems you have encountered. As in the past, you can also nominate more than one shop if you've received exceptional service at several places.

A caveat: All shops have been recommended by fellow enthusiasts. Based on their experiences, these businesses are trustworthy, but Corvette Fever accepts no responsibility or liability for any work they do. We will, however, accept information about unresolved problems our readers have, and reserve the right to remove repeat offenders from the list. We hope the trend of receiving very few complaints from our readership continues.

Tennessee: 100 Corvette Shops You Can Trust 2006 Edition

Speed Engineering and Dyno
2125 Broomfield Rd.
Cleveland, TN 37323
(423) 476-8076 or (423) 334-3966

GM High-Tech Performance
Brawlin' At Bristol - True Street Challenge

This True Street race had the best format out of all the races we have participated in...


True Street Shootout line up
EFI true street participants
Grand Sport leading the true street drive
Thunder Valley Raceway Bristol Tn
GMC Syclone hard launch
weld wheels on a convertable with a hardtop
Impala SS LT1 launch
After a dry hop wheelie the axle gave up the good fight
LT1 SS supercharged wheels up launch
4.3 V6 Syclone converted to rear drive
Nice 3rd Gen Camaro takes the win
Awards presentation

Editor Hunkins insists that the reason for Jeff Nance's first round woes lie with the Hot Rod Power Tour sticker on his window. Hmm, there could be something to that. Stranger things have happened...

Jeff Nance insists that it had far more to do with the Bristol track having "teeth" that day!   Combine that with the fresh clutch, new lower gear, and brand new Mickey Thompson ET streets on the '92 Vette and the IRS wheel spindle just couldn't hold all the Speed Engineering torque.

Read more about that here

Brawlin' At Bristol - True Street Challenge
The MTI True StreetChallenge Was TheUltimateStreet Car Test.
By Chris Endres
illustrators: Mary Egland, Chris Endres

Far and away the most popular event at the GM High-Tech Performance EFI Nationals (held October 20-22, 2000) was the Motorsport Technologies True Street Challenge. With 39 entries, the number of True Street participants nearly equaled that in all of the other classes combined. This is one event that put the butts in the grandstand and kept the fence line packed elbow to elbow.

The beauty of True Street lies in its simplicity. All cars must have functioning street equipment, including lights, horn and wipers, have valid license, tags and insurance and be on DOT-approved tires. Participants are required to complete a 30-mile police-escorted drive that is followed by three quarter-mile passes run back-to-back. The best three-run average ET wins. Like we said: simple.

The lack of casualties during the 30-mile cruise tells us that our readers really drive their cars. In fact, only five of thirty-nine participants were plagued by the dreaded DNF. Warm sunshine combined with the track's elevation of 1700 feet made for density altitude in excess of 4100 feet during Saturday's activities. Most racers reported their cars' performance being off a couple of tenths and a few miles per hour. Of course there were a few that felt compelled to complain, but we say so what? Everyone was racing on the same track. And what a track it is. The Bristol crew worked tirelessly to keep the track in perfect condition, and their efforts paid off. Bristol Dragway was hooking something fierce.

The racing was sensational, with the top five places overall being separated by a hair over a quarter of a second. Considering how wide open the rules were, this is nothing short of amazing. Look for future events to be even more hotly contested. True Street racing is all the rage in the Mustang world. We predict it won't be long before it takes over GM EFI racing as well. Currently, there are no plans in place to run an official GMHTP True Street in 2001, but the summer of 2002 is looking real good right now.

Next up: the GMHTP Challenge at E-town on July 14. Then there's the Kenny Brown/GMHTP driving school at Virginia International Raceway on August 25 - 26, and on to another GMHTP Challenge (Englishtown) on October 27.


 Ford Builder
HP Performance Twin Turbo kit install
  Ford featured in Ford Builder Magazine, brought to you in part by Speed Engineering and Dyno 97 Cobra with HP twin turbo before and after twin turbo power gains
Kevin wanted a before and after dyno comparison on his 97 Cobra with a twin turbo kit from HP performance.  The article in Ford Builder covers the install step by step and the dyno graph above shows the power gain.

Camaro Performers
Steele 1/4 mile dragstrip Camaro Performers shot a nice headlights on picture of Tom's car in the garage


Thank you for visiting Speed Engineering and Dyno's Speed Ink Page. We hope this site will help to show you what we can offer for your late model car or truck. We offer many different services ranging from tune-ups to full performance engine builds. If you want the best service and tuning possible, then give us a call or send an e-mail. We will be more than happy to get you a quote on any part or talk with you about a full package. No matter what, Speed Engineering can meet your needs. Whether it is an aftermarket cold air intake, a Speed Engineering custom built 4" cat-back exhaust, a 400 RWHP bolt-on only X-Package, or a 427+ cubic inch blown monster. You have found the right place!

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